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Tecmo's revival of their classic football franchise is close to a release. The ESRB has rated Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"This is a top-down arcade-style football game in which players compete against teams around the country to become the 'Tecmo Bowl Champion,'" states the ESRB description of Throwback (via Siliconera). Guess this is an Xbox Live Arcade and PSN game, then.

It'll be a bit saucier than the old Tecmo Bowl, though. The ESRB's summary continues: "Some of the football highlights are depicted in animated cutscenes (with better graphics); a few non-football highlights depict cheerleaders wearing low-cut tops while dancing. And a jumbotron screen displays a 2D swimsuit model with some exposed cleavage."

Tecmo had previously stated their intention to make an XBLA Tecmo Bowl but I'm not sure they had ever mentioned PSN before. If so, this is a pleasant surprise to PS3 owners.

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