The latest reveal about Namco’s upcoming Tekken 6 isn’t an attack of the 50 foot woman. Even though Nancy is a giant that takes up half the screen, “she” is in fact a robot. A big one with lasers, missiles, and in the near future your spleen as a souvenir of a chance encounter.

Nancy doesn’t react like a typical Tekken opponent. Rather than block your puny attempts to damage it, the robot will simply attack you whenever it feels like it. Which will probably be all the time, seeing as it’s a robot that wants to hurt you. According to Game Center Online no one has beaten Nancy that they’ve know of.

Tekken 6 is supposed to come out later this year, but we’ve heard very little on the game. Although, to be fair it is a fighting game. There isn’t much we need to learn for the sixth title in the series, except how awesome it is. We’ll keep you posted as updates come in.

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