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Most of the developer diaries and trailers for Test Drive Unlimited 2 have been focused on the cars, the roads, the tracks, the absolutely exotic backdrops for the gameplay environments and even some of the local hotspots and weather mechanics. However, for the first time since the game’s announcement a new trailer has emerged consisting entirely of some of the character customization options available for the create-a-character feature.

Right off the bat most people will probably see the trailer and think “The Sims!” and you wouldn’t even be a quarter-bit wrong. The clothing, interaction, facial modification, hair-styling and everything else in between looks like a more serious version of EA’s Sims features. That’s definitely not a bad thing considering that The Sims is highly favored for its customization features.

You can check out the new character customization trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 below, courtesy of GameTrailers or head on over to the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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