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Koei has been making billions on the “Three Kingdoms” legacy for years with the Dynasty Warriors series and Perfect World tried to follow suit with their more realistic MMORPG, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, based on John Woo’s exceptionally directed period piece called Red Cliff. Well, joining others in their pursuit to capitalize on one of China’s most influential moments in history is The9 Interactive, who plans on releasing a side-scrolling MMO brawler based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and sharing a similar design scheme to the old arcade cabinet, Knights of Valor.

As stated in the press release…
Three Kingdoms Brawler takes the classic side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up and updates it for a new generation of online gamers. Joining together in factions and guilds, players have a vast world to explore and conquer. A robust crafting system allows players to create unique weapons and armor that enhance their personalized combat skills. The online marketplace and auction house allows players to buy and sell their creations with thousands of players.

What’s a robust and expansive MMO brawling game without PvP? It’s nothing…that’s what it is. Luckily for gamers, The9 Interactive doesn’t want Three Kingdoms Brawler to be nothing, they want it to be something and that’s why they added in an arena style PvP system for players who enjoy beating the crap out of other players in a virtual atmosphere. In-game honorary system, leaderboards and tag-team matches are also present to help add a little bit of depth to the PvP, too.

Gamers interested in partaking in the new free-to-play MMOG can sign-up for the upcoming beta over at the Official Website.

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