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TimeSplitters 4 Possible If Facebook Page Reaches 100,000 Fans

A new campaign has started for TimeSplitters 4 that has reached the attention of Crytek's higher-ups. Even former Free Radical members are intrigued about the new campaign that is aiming to hit 100,000 fans to help get TimeSplitters 4 made.

The Facebook page is a collaborative effort from gamers coming together to get Crytek to see that fans really do want and will pay for a TimeSplitters 4. The campaign sees the group utilizing social media, news aggregators and gaming websites to help promote the campaign and I get the feeling that it just might work.

Former Free Radical member Graeme Norgate, the composer on previous TimeSplitter games, says he'll contribute a victory theme song to the campaign if it reaches its goal of 100,000 fans. A senior Crytek artist also says he'll contribute a character design for TimeSplitters if they can get more than 1,000 likes on the Facebook page. As of the writing of this article they're currently at 780 likes.

In a recent interview with CVG Crytek president, Cevat Yerli was apprehensive about going the Kickstarter route (and realistically, they don't need to because TimeSplitters 4 doesn't need to be a $10 million dollar project) but Yerli doesn't think publishers will buy the idea that there is a big enough market for a TimeSplitters 4. That seems like the perfect opportunity for EA to dump a few million from their marketing budget and gain back some face by backing an XBLA or PSN rendition of TimeSplitters 4. It could could work!

There's also the concern that TimeSplitters 4 faces stiff market competition from all the serious me-too military clones. I'm sure true fans are skeptical about the game turning into another serious Call of Duty style shooter, which is just something we don't need right now.

Anyways, gamers, for the moment, are just coming together and signing petitions, boosting up reddit threads and hijacking news aggregators to spread the word about the TimeSplitters 4 Facebook campaign. I definitely want to see how far this will go and what sort of results will come out of this. As mentioned, this would be the perfect time for EA to save some face with a community who dreadfully hates them.

You can learn more by visiting the Official TimeSplitters 4 Facebook Fan Page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.