Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment made one of the biggest games on Xbox One so far but they may not stay Xbox exclusive forever. Respawn chief operating officer Dusty Welch says that the company has fond feelings for the PS4.

"Well, we love the platform and we love playing on it," Welch told CVG. "As we go forward, we will of course consider all of the platforms that make sense for our games. So there's nothing in the short term, but certainly PS4 is something we're looking at in the future."

Respawn has always shown a preference toward multiplatform development. While it was heavily marketed for the Xbox One, Titanfall was also released on Xbox 360 and PC. They also indicated a year ago that Titanfall could come to PlayStation platforms.

The studio said prior to the game's launch that it will never be released on PS4 due to a deal struck between EA and Microsoft. Because of Titanfall's status as a prominent Xbox One game, Microsoft probably wanted to ensure that it wouldn't be released on the rival console.

However, there's always a chance that Titanfall 2 could appear on PS4. Welch seems encouraged by the strong launches of the new generation of consoles.

"Oh absolutely. If you go through enough console cycles, you'll see new technologies and concepts that add a level of uncertainty about the viability of consoles. But look at what's happened - there is an unprecedented install rate for next-generation consoles. That's extraordinary. I love that Microsoft has adjusted its price value mix for the Xbox One, I think it will really help the system grow. Sony is off to an amazing start too with the PS4, and part of the reason is that the system has become so developer friendly when compared to the last generation."

"So overall I love what's happening, and it will continue to encourage us to make major triple-A titles because we know the audience is there."

Respawn's not done with the original Titanfall just yet, though. They announced three map packs for the game, the first of which arrived in May. These premium DLC packs are being supplemented by free updates containing new modes and other content. Welch said that they plan to support the game "throughout the year."

While the commercial success of Titanfall makes a sequel seem inevitable, Welch added that they may branch out into another franchise as well.

"If you create a franchise like Titanfall, it's important to expand in that universe. That being said, I think it's always important to have your eye on the market and know what you long-term vision is, and see if you're able to test the waters in other ways like with mobile or free-to-play."

"Look at what model Pixar has adopted. They try new IP over a two-to-three year period, while at the same time supporting their key franchises. Their major successes allow them to take the risk with other projects."

Well, whatever Respawn's planning next, it sounds like PS4 and Xbox One owners have a good shot at playing it. That's great news because the studio showed some serious talent with the first game.
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