The software front was truly dominated by Electronic Arts and the Xbox brand throughout March, pretty much the world around (where applicable), including the United Kingdom. But don't think this has anything to do with hardware sales.

According to the sales data presented in MCV UK, they give a nice roll-out of the stats for the month of March.

As you can see, Titanfall wasn't just dropping inFamous and propelling the success of the Xbox and Xbox One in the great US of A, it was also dropping the competition and shooting up the sales charts in the U.K.

Check out the charts below, courtesy of MCV.

That's pretty crazy. But you know what's also crazy? The PlayStation 4 didn't really dip the way you might have expected in the face of the competition. In both charts above, the software units moving for the console stayed exactly the same as it did the month prior.

As mentioned in the MCV article...
“At the head of the Top 50 is Titanfall. EA’s blockbuster shooter debuts ahead of Square Enix’s Thief, Ubisoft's South Park: The Stick of Truth and Second Son.”

“The launch of Titanfall had a huge impact on Xbox One’s software market share. More money was made from Xbox One games in March than any other console.”

That's definitely good news for Electronic Arts. The charts fall quite in favor of the software publishing giant, with the company taking the top spot, with a 14% lead over Ubisoft when it comes to software market share. Check it out in the charts below.

What's funny is that Titanfall still sold more on the Xbox 360 before it released than it did on the Xbox One throughout March. That coincides with the recent data that showed a 71% sales discrepancy in favor of Microsoft's last-gen console for Titanfall's sales over the Xbox One. How pathetic is that? Ouch.

There's also a complete rundown of the software sales from first to 50th and the numbers are completely unsurprising for anyone who follows most major gaming media outlets.

You can check out the chart below, and pay close attention for a missing exclusive that rhymes with “despise”.

Of course, as far as hardware is concerned, it's a whole other story. The PlayStation 4 is beating on the Xbox One like an American tourist captured and tortured in an inescapable cell in North Korea.

According to IGN, the PS4's hardware sales doubled throughout March following the release of inFamous: Second Son. As previously reported, the PS4 was already outselling the Xbox One at a 1.5 to 1 ratio.

Oh well. Maybe Microsoft can catch up when the April stats roll out since they released... ehh... well, there's always May where they have... ahhh.... okay, well there's June when they release.... ummm. Well there's always next generation, eh?

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