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Top 10 lists... already? Apparently. GamesHQMedia has been our go-to source for a lot of video media material throughout the year and a top 10 list of the top PS3 games has been compiled to visually showcase which games were the best of the best for the year.

I suppose I should warn some viewers that Gran Turismo 6 makes the list at the number eight spot. Now in terms of fanboy hierarchy, we all know that the holy trinity of PlayStation exclusives goes God of War, Uncharted and Gran Turismo. Putting Polyphony Digital's unreleased title at the number eight spot means that the games was eight-times less fun or technically achieved than games like Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch or Beyond: Two Souls.

Now on a fanboy scale of Jimmies Rustled to Raging Butthurt, I imagine Gran Turismo 6 at the eight spot probably falls between Brand Defense Activism and Frothing Comment Rant. Nevertheless, the fact that an unreleased game is still on the list is fine enough given that there's been enough press events leading up to the release of the game on December 6th to allow gaming industry vets to put in a “Top List”.

As for the rest of the entries, I have to say that I'm glad that Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch made the cut. This was a highly underrated but well appreciated and received game that turned heads earlier in the year for the PS3. Also, having Dragon's Crown on the list, despite all the manufactured controversy surrounding the game, is a great thing to see. Despite the game's art-style not appealing to every demographic out there and being fap-bait for a large portion of individuals who have bananas that swing between their tree-thighs, the beat-'em-up RPG really helped bring back some nostalgic gameplay elements set against some wonderfully designed backdrops and characters from Vanillaware's George Kamitani.

SCE Japan's Puppeteer is also a nice addition to the line-up. It's another one of those underrated gems, but I wouldn't quite say it's as memorable as other SCE published titles such as The Unfinished Swan or Journey, both of which still resonate well within the gaming community despite being a year old.

Easy-pickings such as Assassin's Creed IV and Grand Theft Auto V also make the cut, but as mentioned... those are easy-pickings. It would almost be a crime not to have included them on the list, eh?

I will admit that I'm shocked Beyond: Two Souls is as high up on the list as it is, but it is a visual marvel and a thorough technical achievement for the PS3 this late in the game. Props to Quantic Dream for being able to pull of f that feat despite the fact that a nude model of Ellen Page's character Jodie Holmes probably guaranteed that no other leading female actress will want to dabble in character-scanned acting in a video game thanks to the big nudie fallout.

Anyway, the number one spot goes to a game that I think will challenge GTA V hard for all the GOTY awards at this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards. It's none other than Naughty Dog's The Last of Us... a game that was both remarkably well told, visually captivating (for seventh gen console standards) and had solid gameplay throughout. So what do you think of the top 10 list? Agree or no? Drop a comment below.

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