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Top 20 Best DSiWare Games Worth Playing

Are you a little worried about pouring any money into the DSi titles because you think too many of them suck donkey nuts? Well, it’s okay a lot of people feel that way. However, the kind folks over at Pocketful of Megabytes have gone through the painstaking venture of listing some of the very best DSiWare games worth checking out.

Pocketful of MB’s Robert Williams’ comprehensive lists of games ranging from some well known franchises to little known titles worth a gamer’s gander. He also informed readers about a very important feature that ties the DSiWare platform in with the 3DS, saying…

Thankfully, since the 3DS is able to play DSiWare titles, it isn’t too late to experience what the service has to offer. To get you started, here is a comprehensive list of 20 top quality titles across a range of genres. They are all worthy of your attention, so give them a try if you can. You won’t regret it.

The list contains some obscure titles such as FlipNote Studio as well as underground cult classics such as Cave Story and Dragon Quest Wars.

There’s no sense wading around this article – if you want to check out the full list of the DSiWare titles worth your time head on over to a Pocketful of MB for the complete list.

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