Games are getting remade all the time. Some people love it and some people hate it. Nevertheless, companies will remake classics as they see fit and here are a few that could use some of the remake treatment for today's standards.

Theme Park: Reloaded

You’re no longer some kid in control of a theme park trying to appease visitors and make some cash in the process. No, instead Theme Park: Reloaded will be the pinnacle of family friendly fun meets hard-edged, no-frills first-person military action.

The Story: Players will assume the role of Jack “The Pinball” McTiggered, a war veteran who has seen all kinds of horrors overseas while serving his country. After returning home to find that people are as miserable as they were over in the countries he fought in, he decides to change things around and bring back some happiness to the community by opening a theme park. With the help of his wise-cracking, smooth-talking uncle, Bill “The Sly Eye” Tully, Jack aims to bring a little fun and happiness to the hometown he once loved in this gritty first-person shooter.

The Enemy: After hearing about the new theme park, the Secret Herald of Intercontinental Terrorists have formed up to take down Jack’s park because they need to make an example to the world about how they hate freedom. What better way to do so than to attack the new theme park?

The Objective: Jack will be thrust back into fold, rekindling the horrors of his military past as he battles the S.H.I.T. group to keep his park open and his visitors safe, using any and all means necessary.

Game Features:

Open World Gameplay - Players will need to play Jack and traverse around an open-world park environment with two different campaigns allowing players to take control of Jack or his uncle Tully, with more than 20 different theme park attractions, including roller coasters, bumper cars, cotton candy, darts, house of mirrors, haunted house of horrors and the dreaded Whoopsy-Daisy.

Co-op Campaign – Don’t go at it with the terrorists alone. Grab a friend as Jack and Tully fight off the evil Secret Herald of Intercontinental Terrorists, with local and online play.

50 Different Weapons – Fists aren’t enough to stop some of the most high-tech villains around. Use chainsaws, mallets, darts, water-guns, 50 caliber sniper rifles, AK-47s, FN-Fals and a variety of serrated blades to take down foes in this family friendly theme-park shooter.

RPG Elements – Upgrade your weapons by playing carnival games. Equip your .44 Magnum with a laser-powered scope or add acid-tipped bullets to your M4 loadout, or equip rusty nails to your flechette cannon. The combinations are endless.

16-Player Online Fun – Play with friends or with family in competitive multiplayer rounds, battle it out in explosive bumper cars, floating spiked mines hidden amongst balloons, or landing headshots while riding a fast and furious roller coaster. Play in three different modes, including capture the flag, Terrorist vs Carnies and Whack-a-Terrorist.

Bomberman: Conviction

Bob “The Bomber” Oberman only cares about one thing in life: his family. But when a horrible car accident takes Oberman’s family away from him, he’s left just a shell of a man, until one day he finds out that maybe that car accident wasn’t an accident after all, leading Bob into a world of government conspiracies and a plot that could destroy the world.

The Story: Players will take on the role of Bob in this hyper-realistic, futuristic portrayal of a man trapped in a concrete urban maze with bombs being his only way out. The former explosives expert must find out the truth behind his family’s disappearance after the accident that he thought killed them. Blamed for the death of his family, Bob must uncover the truth, rescue his wife and daughter and blow up any and everyone who stands in his way.

The Enemy: Everyone.

The Objective: Bob must escape from the nefarious government spies and blow his way to victory. This means blowing up buildings to create escape routes and blasting any and everyone to smithereens who gets within the blast radius. No one is off limits to Bob’s explosive revenge, as players must rescue his family at all costs. And remember, no bomb is too big.

Game Features:

High-tech Explosives – Use the latest in plastic explosives, booby-traps, and grenades. Players will be able to command the most volatile explosives known to man, blowing entire city blocks to rumble, all in the name of justice.

Destructible Environments – Nothing is off limits in Bomberman: Conviction. Blow everything to dust if you have to, Bob must stop at nothing to save his family even if it means destroying the entire city. Military vets have said that "The game is so realistic" with its portrayal of explosions and devastation.

Dynamic AI – Using the latest in WefooledyouAI and the very impressive DoubledigitIQ path-finding middleware, Bomberman: Conviction is the most advanced version in the franchise yet, sporting AI that adapts, begs for their life and even whines if they can’t kill you. Players will have to use wits and tactics to blow every single AI to pieces before they can escape your deadly explosive wrath.

Multiplayer Mayhem – Take to the streets, blasting your way through the urban maze to confront other players in chaotic 16-player competitive matches, pushing the FPS genre to its absolute limits in multiplayer mayhem. Three brand new modes include Kill or Be Killed, where only one player must be the last one standing. Team Bomb is a revolutionary new mode that sees teams of two facing off to see who can blow the other team to smithereens. And Absolute Destruction is a genre defining mode where players must be the first to rack up the most points before any other player.

Lotus: Hard Gears

Ben Slater is a driver who’s down on his luck. Once a famous wheelman who worked for the Lombardi family, escorting precious goods across the country in luxurious sports cars, Ben is now rotting away at prison, until now. After mysteriously getting released from jail, Ben is forced into a deadly race around the world for the ultimate prize $100,000. With his life on the line and everything at stake, Ben must uncover the conspiracy behind the race while facing his own personal demons.

The Story: Players will take control of Ben as he travels around the world, racing in exotic sports cars for a mysterious crime boss from his past. Layla Leggart is Ben’s sponsor for the race and Ben must stay focused while the beautiful ex-model turned underworld racing sponsor helps Ben to uncover his past and right his wrongs. But whose side is she really on?

The Enemy: Other racers will stop at nothing to win the grand prize, and they will unleash all sorts of dirty underhanded tactics to put Ben away for good. But that doesn’t compare to the mysterious crime boss pulling all the strings, as Ben must fight and race his way to the top.

The Objective: Players will race around the world to various locations, fighting off other racers in first-person action using a number of weapons and driving mechanics to land in first-place. Gamers must stop to refuel their car at key locations, providing for intense on-foot segments involving timed-button fight mechanics as well as unprecedented first-person shooting gameplay.

Game Features:

30 Real-World Locations – Gamers will sight-see through 30 real-world locations across 15 miles of reconstructed road, allowing for the most expansive and intense racing experience ever. Gamers will find hours of fun traveling to Africa, Hong Kong, Egypt, Paris, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, and many more locations rarely ever used in other racing titles. Additional pre-launch DLC opens up an additional 15 miles of road for a massive 30 miles of real-world streets, highways and freeways to race across.

Arcade-Style Gameplay – Fans of shooting games and fans of racing games will love the break-neck speed of Lotus: Hard Gears. Whether you’re on-foot defending your car at a gas pump using one of 50 different guns or driving down the highway in one of the 30 different real-world locations, the gameplay will be as smooth and easy to pick-up and play as if you were a pro.

Intense Multiplayer Modes – Whether you’re racing against friends or strangers, Lotus: Hard Gears offers never-before-seen online multiplayer mechanics that will keep gamers playing for hours with 15 different competitive racing tracks and more than 6 full miles of open-road to race on. VP of public relations stated that “It’s one of the best racing games of the year. I’m sure our fans will love it.”

Double Dragon: Twin Warfare

Billy and Jimmy Lee have been separated at birth, both training heavily in martial arts at opposite ends of the Earth. One day, after the Patriots Over Oppressed Proletariats rise up under the leadership of Shadow Master, Billy and Jimmy must unite to overthrow the new world order.

The Story: Billy and Jimmy are both ex-special forces, one for the British military and the other for the American military. They excel at their professions due to their martial arts talent and soon become united after the Patriots Over Oppressed Proletariats blow up the White House and the Eiffel Tower. Standing for right, for might and the American way, Billy and Jimmy must use their martial arts talent and high-tech weaponry to defeat the mysterious force behind the P.O.O.P. movement known as Shadow Master. To make matters worse, Shadow Master managed to break into the homes of Billy and Jimmy and capture their girlfriends while they were sleeping.

The Enemy: Highly trained thugs and crazed nationalists are invading homes and capturing the girlfriends and wives of prominent political and military figures around the world, forcing Billy and Jimmy to engage these corrupt crooks on the streets. But that’s not all, Shadow Master is being funded by national corporatists, making Billy and Jimmy’s job that much harder. Who do they trust and who are the real bad guys in this global catastrophe?

The Objective: Travel around the world and fight in various suburban neighborhoods using the latest in Hollywood style martial arts and sci-fi weaponry. The single-player campaign will require gamers to control both Jimmy and Billy at the same time, using proprietary split-screen technology that allows gamers to become a two-man army. Fight off hordes of P.O.O.P. while searching for Billy and Jimmy’s girlfriends and defeat the evil Shadow Master, who may not be what he seems.

Game Features:

Revolutionary Single-Player – For the first time ever gamers will be able to play as a two-man army in this first-person shooter that enables gamers play both Billy and Jimmy at the same time using the proprietary split-screen technology known as ItshouldhavebeenaTwoplayer.

50 Different Weapons – From brass knuckles to rocket launchers to modified AK-47s and M4s, Double Dragon: Twin Warfare is one of the most diverse action games around, sporting weapons and fighting mechanics never before seen in any other first-person shooter game to date.

Intense Competitive Multiplayer – Take to the streets and fight in hand-to-hand first-person combat or snipe from the window of a two-story high house. The gameplay options are limitless in the unique and original multiplayer for Double Dragon: Twin Warfare with massive 16-player battles across four completely new game modes.

Post-Launch DLC – The developers already have an aggressive DLC plan in place and are hard at work for additional content for gamers to enjoy, including day-one DLC that enables an entirely new two-player splitscreen campaign mode. The VP of publishing stated that “We want to treat our gamers fairly and with respect, which is why we’ll be releasing additional DLC the following week enabling online co-op, and a month after that we’ll have more DLC that will make LAN play possible, too. We’re always thinking about the gamers first.”

Maniac Mansion: Back To Afghanistan

After being injured in a near-fatal IED explosion, Corporeal Dave Miller is finally sent back to the United States. However, Miller seems to have left something in Afghanistan…his memory. In a race against time, Miller must betray the trust of his friends and family and journey back to Afghanistan to find out what happened to him. However, a mysterious corporation working for unknown forces is trying hard to stop Miller, only a lovely ex-supermodel who works as a liaison for Gen Eric-Corp must go out of her way to help Miller recover his memory at all costs.

The Story: Players will travel across the globe as Miller, fighting countless mercenaries for Gen Eric-Corp in order to get back to Afghanistan where a mysterious mansion out in the middle of the desert holds the secrets of Miller’s memory, his past and his future. Accompanied by the ex-supermodel, Miller will need to use all of his wits to fight off terrorists, corporate mercenaries and desert zombies.

The Enemy: Mercenaries trained to kill who will stop at nothing to apprehend Miller. Players will face off against terrorists who also don’t want Miller trying to access the mysterious mansion in the middle of the desert where all the secrets Gen Eric-Corp is trying to keep hidden. Miller will also have to swallow his fears and go toe-to-toe with undying desert zombies who also have a mysterious tie to the maniac mansion.

The Objective: Kill any and everything that isn’t the ex-supermodel helping Miller. Players will need to overcome the odds set against him in order to discover Miller’ true identity as he gets sucked back to the place that nearly destroyed him.

Game Features:

Hollywood Storytelling – Penned by Michael Bay and M. Night Shyamalan, Maniac Mansion: Back to Afghanistan represents the pinnacle of Hollywood storytelling captured in the form of a video game. The producer for the game agrees that it’s easily one of the best of the year, saying “Bay and M. Night have really stopped at nothing to bring gamers one of the most heart-pounding and thought-provoking social and political commentaries for today’s generation. But we have a ton of references in the game for old-school gamers as well.”

Cinematic Hollywood Gameplay – Michael Bay was so impressed with his half of the story, he also decided to lend his hand to the special effects department, implementing his now iconic Michael Bay 'Splosions™ for everyone to experience. One of the QA testers stated that “My ears just can’t stop ringing…that’s just how many explosions they packed into this one”

50 Different Bone-Shattering Weapons – With Michael Bay and M. Night onboard the creators weren’t content with just adding anything to the game, they went all out adding more than 50 different weapons to the cache, including original custom weapons used by Blackwater mercenaries, such as the M4, the AK-47, the Remington 12 gauge and the 9mm Beretta, making it one of the most distinct weapon caches of any first-person shooter to date.

A-List Celebrity Voiceovers – The developers acquired some of the highest paid actors in Hollywood to lend their voices to the game. Shia Labeouf will voice Miller in one of the grittiest voice-over performances of the year, with Mickey Rourke churning out one of the most daunting voice-overs ever for the CEO of Gen Eric-Corp. The executive producer for Maniac Mansion: Back to Afghanistan was elated about the progress, saying “We’ve spent more than $250 million on this triple-A project, and think the costs were well worth it given the amazing production values and Hollywood talent.”

Endless Gameplay Variety – Jam packed with a robust single-player campaign across two different difficulty settings (Easy and Casual), an extensive multiplayer mode with top-notch competitive online play and a character driven story written by Hollywood’s best, this game will be one for the ages. When a play-tester was asked what they thought about the game, he simply stated "Wow, this is nothing like the original Maniac Mansion."
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