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The launch of Dying Light: The Following draws near and, in preparation of all of that new content, the development team has started rolling out videos highlighting the many changes coming to the game. The latest video looks at the recently announced “Nightmare” mode, which appears to live up to the name.

Of the many additions about to be plugged into 2015 parkour zombie-slaying simulator Dying Light, the new Nightmare mode is the one most likely to leave players ripping their hair out and screaming at the TV. But, you know, in a good way.

As we see from this latest entry in the Dying Light Enhancements video series, players are in for a real challenge. Get ready to “Survive the Nightmare.”

As you saw above, Nightmare mode takes Hard mode and basically cranks all of the toggles up to 11. You’ll be experiencing longer nights, tougher enemies and all of those stat-boosting abilities will be dampened. You’ll also have limits on your unlocked skill, with moves like the dropkick and zombie leapfrog maneuver using up more stamina than ever. If you’re used to launching headlong into a horde of the undead and zipping about like a murder ninja, the changes in Nightmare mode will make for a more grounded (literally) experience.

Perhaps the most challenging change, though, will be the fact that experience points are now based on staying alive. In other words, whatever experience you’ve gained since your most recent level up will be lost upon death. That may seem harsh, but it also puts a heavy focus on not dying, which should technically already be a priority.

To cancel out all of those negatives, a few additional tweaks will make Nightmare mode extra rewarding. For starters, you’ll gain experience much faster than in the core game, so you’ll be hitting those new levels more quickly than before…unless you die, of course. Also, Nightmare mode encourages cooperative play in new and interesting ways. For each teammate you bring into your game, you’ll gain a 10 percent experience bonus. In other words, if you dive into Dying Light’s Nightmare mode with the max of three friends, you’ll gain a 30 percent experience boost on top of that faster experience gain you’re already enjoying.

Dying Light: The Following arrives on Feb. 9, adding (among all sorts of other things), a brand new map to explore and a whole new campaign to play. While The Following will set you back another 30 bucks, changes to the core game experience, including Nightmare mode, will launch as a free download for those who already own the game.