Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine isn't merely considering a foray into the console market. They've actually been working on an Xbox 360/PS3 MMO for eighteen months now.

Turbine VP of product development Craig Alexander revealed the console MMO's existence at GDC Austin (via Eurogamer). The company's apparently spent over $20 million on the project already. That hefty pile of money went toward developing the game's core technology.

Alexander didn't reveal what the game was, exactly, but he did toss the crowd a few bones. He revealed that the PS3 is the lead platform for the game, because of the relative ease of making a PS3 game into an Xbox 360 game (as opposed to the reverse situation). He also stated that porting PC games to the console doesn't work, which rules out a straight port of LOTRO or Turbine's other PC MMOs Dungeons & Dragons Online and Asheron's Call. It's possible they could still make a game that's set in those games' universes but it'll be built from scratch for consoles.

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