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It's not exactly been a smooth transition from Twisted Metal's bug-plagued beta into its full retail code. The PlayStation 3 exclusive online-centric vehicle game is now suffering online issues up to the extent where players outside of the United States are not able to connect to its online multiplayer component.

In addition to the countless players venting their frustration on the PlayStation forum pertaining to the online issues, a Eurogamer reader notified the site he wasn't even allowed into Twisted Metal's main menu, consequently preventing him from the single-player component. A recommended workaround to this is to sign out of the PlayStation Network.

That said, the signing-out fix obviously prevents players from outside of the United States (predominately European territories) connecting to Twisted Metal's online servers.

Twisted Metal's online connectivity problem has been reported by players since as early as last week on Thursday. Sony remains tight-lipped on the issue, however. Players have, meanwhile, attributed the issues due to the game's version 1.05 update.

The game's lead designer, David Jaffe, spoke about his game's issue on Twitter. "I am hearing this and sorry about it. I will know what is up on Monday. No clue why SCEE territories are locked out :(.I'm sorry."

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