Just yesterday we brought you that delightful Valentine's Day launch trailer for Eat Sleep Play's new-generation of the beloved Twisted Metal franchise. Today, we bring you news that the game, in all its twisted, mangled-vehicle glory is currently available at local retailers, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The game sports many of the original fan-favorites from the very first Twisted Metal that made its appearance on Sony's first home console, with classic characters such as the motorcycle-riding Mr. Grimm, or the icecream truck driving clown Sweet Tooth. A couple of new faces have also joined the fray, including DollFace and The Preacher. Just like in previous versions of the game, Calypso is holding a winner-takes-all tournament in a game of vehicular-combat called Twisted Metal.

The big addition to this outing of the infamous franchise includes a huge competitive multiplayer option along with a few brand new modes to breathe some life into the series. There are unlockable weapons, vehicles and characters as well as four-player split-screen options so you and three of your friends can twist and grind metal locally.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game, again, below or you can head on over to your local retailer and pick up a copy of Twisted Metal exclusively for the PlayStation 3 for only $59.99. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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