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With E3 fast approaching some companies are deciding to make full use of the big event by holding sales promotions for their games, one of those companies is Ubisoft and one of those promotions happens to be a 75% off sale on their titles from their Uplay store.

Ubisoft just went Gaben on the PC community, dropping some mad digital sales on suspecting gamers. It was like they did a drive-by sale and shot up the gaming community with 75% off goodness, laughing all the way to the bank.

Just in case you don't think this is real, check out the promotional page image below, letting everyone know that if you can afford to click the link, you can probably afford a game at 75% off. Check it out below.

Now, just because a bunch of games are 75% off doesn't mean that all the games available on Uplay are 75% off. It just means select games are discounted to get your wallet salivating like a dog looking at a big piece of juicy steak in the window of a butcher shop.

It's smart on Ubisoft's part to toss out their summer sale before the summer and directly during E3. They might be able to rack up some mean sales before Valve does their seasonal Steam sale(s), in which case the internet gaming community comes to a halt due to all the bandwidth that gamers suck up when buying and downloading dozens of games.

It looks like Ubisoft is making good on their promise to repair their relationship with PC gamers, after calling 95% of PC gamers pirates.

You can check out the full list of the titles that are on sale up until June 16th by visiting the official Uplay website.

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