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What's the best way to close out an E3 press conference? How about an intense chase scene involving a jeep through a marketplace while an APC chases them around the town through winding streets filled with pedestrians and food carts? Well, that's how Sony's E3 conference wrapped up... with Nathan Drake engaged in a thrilling chase with Sully by his side.

GamesHQ Media has the full seven minute video you can scope out below.

The funny part about it is that when the trailer aired during the press conference it glitched and the DualShock 4 controller stopped responding. Later in an interview with Geoff Keighley, the duo from Naughty Dog explained that both the main controller and the backup controller on the unit refused to work. Drake was just standing there... idle. Eventually another unit was kicked into play and Naughty Dog was able to play through the demo as they had planned.

Yes, the demo above was actually played by Naughty Dog... live.

They mentioned in the post-conference interview how stressful it was trying to get through it and make sure it didn't crash or die or mess up, and there are actually a couple of close calls in the video where we see for the first time Drake is driving a jeep and the turn was a little wide or a little short and he's running into all sorts of things on his way down to the bottom of the town.

In true Uncharted fashion, there are explosions, gun fire, fist fights and all sorts of insane stunts. What's different this time around is that Uncharted 4 features integration of gameplay with the set-pieces in a cinematic fashion. The chase through the town could have very well have been ripped right out of a Hollywood blockbuster, that's just how good it looked. The crashes were seamless, the gun fire was loud and the action flowed quite well.

The segment ended with Drake singing from a grappling hook, dodging dock posts and eventually crashing into a scaffolding along the side of the bridge. The trailer fades to black thereafter.

Things start off, however, with a typical shootout that eventually spilled through the market and into the streets. One thing I was really impressed with was the improved melee combat. Each Uncharted game seems to elevate the melee by a bit from its predecessor. In Uncharted 3 they had the sort of quick-time melee segments that flowed naturally with some enemies, as well as additional counter-attacks and contextual grab moves. For Uncharted 4 we see how enemies can easily interact with the environment, with the one guy getting upper-cutted into a food stand.

I've really enjoyed the newer Uncharted games, and the improvement of technology has allowed Naughty Dog to push the envelop just a little bit further than before.

I'm sure most people can't wait to play Uncharted 4 when it launches next spring, exclusively for the PS4.

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