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Were you a big fan of the competitive multiplayer modes in The Last of Us on the PS3 and The Last of Us: Remastered on the PS4? Well, there's some good news for you: the team that made those modes as fun as they were are coming back to work on Uncharted 4's multiplayer.

The news spread wild and fast like a gazelle across an African prairie, as Robert Cogburn, a lead designer for Naughty Dog sent out a tweet via his Twitter account letting gamers know that the experts who helped craft and shape the multiplayer for The Last of Us will be back for Uncharted 4. Check out the tweet below.

This is great news because Naughty Dog exercises a high level of quality for their games and they seem to be elevating their craft with each outing. It definitely puts a lot of pressure on Neil Druckmann and crew to deliver big time with Uncharted 4.

For better or for worse (though likely for better) Uncharted 4 was delayed from its holiday 2015 release to an early 2016 release. With the confirmation that the PS4 exclusive will have a multiplayer component and a slightly more open-world feel to the single-player maps, it's not surprising that they would need more time to flesh the game out and construct something solid enough to require a few extra months of testing and quality assurance.

Uncharted 4 will continue the story of Nathan Drake and will feature a few more surprises, such as Drake's brother. The graphics have seen a massive upgrade over the third outing on the PlayStation 3, and we've already seen increased fidelity when it comes to the character animations and the gun-play. That's not to mention that the AI seems to have been improved to better navigate and react to instances happening within the game's world.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that stealth now plays a much larger role in getting around various groups of enemies than ever before? Well, it does.

Knowing that Uncharted 4 will have a much larger single-player gameplay component than the last game on the PS3 and will also feature a robust multiplayer coming from the team that helped shape the highly respected and critically acclaimed multiplayer from The Last of Us, it definitely sends goosebumps down the arm from all the anticipation and excitement.

The only downside is that with Uncharted 4 delayed all the way into 2016 it means that Sony is definitely going to need something to flesh out the 2015 holiday season. Right now there doesn't appear to be any AAA exclusives that are on the horizon for Sony's system now that Uncharted 4 moved out of the slot, but I'm sure we'll get something concrete come E3.

At least with the delay of the game we know that the multiplayer should turn out fairly decent.
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