Games, games and more games for the PlayStation Vita. Not only are two more Mobile titles being made available free of charge as part of the Festive Giveaway, but now we’ve got word that Bit.Trip Runner 2 and a new physics-based puzzle game, Furmins, are headed to Sony’s handheld soon.

The holidays are the perfect time to get in some portable gaming, helping you pass the time when either traveling or trying to avoid the family for a few minutes during an extended visit. And, according to some recent posts on the PlayStaiton Blog, enjoying said portable games should be easier than ever thanks to a couple of new free titles and the release of two brand new games on the Vita.

First up, the PlayStation Mobile Festive Giveaway continues this week with two new titles available gratis for the Vita or PlayStation Certified devices. These games include the sort of rhythm/puzzle game, Fuel Tiracas, as well as the super-addictive platforming shooter, Super Crate Box. If you haven’t played that last one, download it and prepare to bid farewell to countless hours of your life.

Throughout the holidays, Sony is rotating in two new titles for its Festive Celebration, reminding gamers that 1) PS Mobile is a viable platform and 2) It also happens to be home to quite a few great games that can be yours for a tiny fee.

And if you’re willing to part with a bit of cash, then perhaps you’ll be interested in the two newest additions to the PlayStation Vita library, starting with Furmins.

Coming from the folks at Housemarque (You know, the Stardust and Resogun team), Furmins is a game in which players attempt to roll cuddly little critters through some extremely mischievous obstacle courses.

The artwork looks lovely and, let’s face it, Housemarque has a pretty-dang-solid resume at this points, to that’s something to keep your eye out for when it rolls onto the PlayStation Network come Dec. 17.

Finally, the hugely popular Bit.Trip Runner is making its way to the PlayStation Vita on the same day, Dec. 17, to introduce portable gamers to its unique blend of music and lightning-fast running awesomeness.

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