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The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games has announced that they're creating an episodic adventure game based on the comic book series Fables. The Wolf Among Us will debut this summer on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

Fables centers on fairy tale characters like Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf and Prince Charming. These characters have been forced to leave their homeworld because of a mysterious villain known as the Adversary. These exiled, who call themselves Fables, have resettled in a neighborhood of New York City called Fabletown.

The Wolf Among Us is set before the comic book series. Bigby Wolf, formerly known as The Big Bad Wolf, has been appointed sheriff of Fabletown. He must maintain law and order in the community and prevent the "mundane world" from noticing them. He'll have to contend with the Three Little Pigs, Mr. Toad and other wrongdoers.

"Developing The Wolf Among Us based on the FABLES universe has allowed our studio to build upon all of the hallmarks of what makes our episodic series so engaging for players," said Dan Connors, CEO and Co-Founder of Telltale Games. "Through an evolution of our approach to choice and consequence, we can further explore the complexity of each and every iconic character in a universe rich with untold history from the darkest sides of the storybooks."

Telltale is no stranger to licensed games. They've most recently released episodic adventures based on Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead game racked up particularly strong accolades and sales. We'll see if the studio can pull off the same kind of success with a lesser-known franchise.

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