Today the second episode of the The Walking Dead adventure game arrived on the Xbox 360. It can be purchased through Xbox Live for $4.99.

Walking Dead: The Game stars Lee Everett, a brand-new character. This former college professor was convicted of murder right before the zombie apocalypse began. In the chaos of the outbreak, Lee was freed. Now, like every other person, he's simply trying to figure out a way to survive.

Episode 2: Starved for Help takes place months after the first episode. Lee and a group of survivors have set up a camp and enjoyed relative peace. However, they're running low on food and winter is approaching. Players will need to make difficult decisions, and deal with the consequences of their actions from the first episode.

The PC, Mac, and PS3 will receive Episode 2 on Friday. There are five episodes planned in total for the game.

I enjoyed the first episode's unusual take on the adventure genre so I've got high expectations for the second installment. The real long-term test is going to be whether or not player choices really result in big changes in the narrative. Either way, Telltale is telling a story that is in some ways superior to the TV show.

Screenshots of the new episode are below. They look quite a bit different than Episode 1, due to the change in setting and season.

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