Today mobile gamers are finally able to catch up on the Walking Dead adventure game. Episode Four, previously released on PC/Mac and consoles, is now available for iOS.

In Episode Four, Lee Everett and his companions have arrived in Savannah, Georgia. They're soon confronted with two dangers: the undead and another group of survivors. Lee must gather supplies for his group's escape, while also keeping Clementine safe from harm.

Walking Dead is playable on iPhone 4, iPad 2, and their respective successors. The first episode costs $4.99 to download. You can buy each episode after that for $4.99 apiece, or pay $14.99 for a bundle of Episodes Two through Five. Choosing the latter option essentially gives you one episode for free.

Tellltale says they'll announce the iOS release date of Episode Five, "No Time Left," soon. The Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac release is expected before December.

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