Telltale Games has released the first screenshot of The Walking Dead adventure game's fifth episode, "No Time Left." Episode 5, the finale of the first season, will arrive early next week on multiple platforms.

The Walking Dead game isn't an adaptation of the TV show or comics. Instead, it's an all-new adventure starring a different group of survivors. Escaped convict Lee Everett and his allies try to fend off zombies and crazed survivors. By the start of the fifth episode, much of the group has been wiped out but all hope isn't lost.

The first screenshot of the episode shows Lee slicing up a zombie. He appears to be greatly outnumbered, though. We'll see if he manages to survive until Season Two.

Today Telltale also unveiled the latest episode of their talk show "Playing Dead." In the episode, A.J. LoCascio talks with director Nick Herman and writer Gary Whitta about Episode Four. They also drop a few clues about the events of the season finale.

Episode Five will hit North American PSN on November 20th. The game will be available for Xbox 360, PC/Mac, iOS and European PS3's on the following day.

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