This week the first season of The Walking Dead adventure game will come to a close. Telltale Games has released a trailer with a bit of footage from the fifth and final episode, entitled "No Time Left."

The Walking Dead game introduces a new group of survivors in the Georgia area. The survivors, led by Lee Everett, desperately sought safe refuge from the zombie apocalypse. In the process, many have died. Will Lee be added to the body count, or will he survive into the next season?

The idea of starting completely fresh with Season Two is appealing. It would be especially cool if the game showed us another portion of the country - or world - not seen in the comics or show. Still, when all's said and done, I think we'd miss Lee a lot.

Episode 5 will make its debut on North American PSN tomorrow. Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS and European PS3 gamers will receive the game on the 21st.

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