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Activision's upcoming first-person shooter The Walking Dead received some early leaked test footage of the game featuring the two brothers from the TV series, Meryle and Daryl. The interesting part about the footage isn't the game itself, but the reaction of the community, which seems to be full of gamers tired of Call of Duty clones.

By all accounts, the game does play out – as you'll see below – a lot like a Call of Duty title. The shaders still seem in the early stages and the shadowing doesn't seem finalized, but the actual mechanics seem to be in place, including shooting and stabbing. You can check it out below, courtesy of DSO Gaming.

It reminds me a lot of WarZ but with actual hordes of zombies, which seemed to be missing from Hammerpoint's FPS.

It's hard to gauge what this upcoming Walking Dead game will be like based on the small bits and pieces of gameplay there. There's not a whole lot of exploration going on so it's tough to see if the game will be linear or semi-open where multiple pathways will be made available.

It's also hard to gauge what the standard gameplay pace will be like. There are definitely a lot of zombies – too many zombies to actually gun down. However, the zombies seem to go down pretty easy and the regenerating health gives the impression that you have to do a lot of run-stop-and-whack-a-zombie style fighting, ala Dead Island.

As the game draws closer to its release date we'll be able to tell exactly what kind of game it is. For now, what do you think of Activision's Walking Dead FPS?

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