Episode Four of The Walking Dead adventure series forced players to make a number of hard choices. Telltale has crunched the numbers and created a trailer explaining how the player population responded to these choices.

The Walking Dead features a new story set before the events of the show/graphic novel. Lee Everett, an escaped convict, struggles to stay alive in the face of a zombie apocalypse. He joins with a group of other survivors and tries to find a way to permanently escape the hordes of infected.

In Episode Four, Lee and his group have arrived in Savannah. They're hoping to find a boat but their visit to the city won't be simple. They'll run into a brutal group of survivors and, of course, plenty of walkers.

Player choice is a key component of the series. The decisions you make have both short- and long-term ramifications. Players will be able to see the full effects of their choices when the fifth and final episode arrives later this month.

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