For those who have been waiting for TellTale’s The Walking Dead to shamble onto store shelves as a physical copy, your wait has nearly reached its end. The disc version of the complete season of The Walking Dead will be coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on Dec. 11.

Released digitally in five meaty chunks, The Walking Dead has received high critical praise from just about every outlet on the internets. With the fifth and final chapter releasing just a couple of weeks ago, gamers were finally able to see this gut-wrenching story reach its conclusion. Next week, those who have been anticipating a disc copy of the game will be able to tackle the entire tale in one go for $29.99.

And if after all of that you still haven’t had enough zombie killing and unexpected deaths, then TellTale’s Job Stauffer has some good news.

“We’ve been thrilled and honored by the way that the game has been received,” Stauffer said. “The praise that the series has received has simply blown us away and, as always, we really can’t thank you enough for your interest and support. We look forward to revealing our plans for Season Two next year.”

So there you have it. More Walking Dead is on the way. For now, though, you might want to get ready to pick up the first game.

A limited number of the “Collector’s Edition” bundle for PS3 and the Xbox 360 are still available for pre-order at GameStop, which comes with an exclusive edition of the comic compendium containing the first 48 issues, packaged with the game, for $69.99. If you decide to shop at Best Buy, you’ll grab yourself a copy of the game with a limited edition cover variant, as well as a poster insert. Best Buy is also the only place where you’ll be able to buy The Walking Dead disc for PC.

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