This week Telltale Games will release the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, the continuation of last year's adventure series. Though you don't need to have played the first season or its DLC 400 Days in order to jump into Season Two, it's not a bad idea to refresh your knowledge of the game.

Telltale recommends that you play through Season One before picking up S2. I strongly agree with that. Player choices are a big part of the game. Your decisions throughout Season One and 400 Days have consequences in the second Season. If you're skipping right to the new season, you're missing out on that feature.

Still feel like skipping Season One? Okay, then. Be warned that there are major spoilers throughout the list, though.

Clementine is a 9-year-old girl who was home alone during the zombie outbreak. She's found by escaped convict Lee, who is her surrogate guardian throughout the first season. Eventually the two join up with a larger group of survivors. In an effort to escape the walkers, the group heads to Savannah to get a boat. This city also happens to be where Clementine's parents were staying at the start of the outbreak. While escaping a horde of walkers, Clementine discovers that her parents are among the infected.

After the disastrous events of the season finale, Clementine's on her own. She has no family and she's lost Lee. The last scene shows her walking through the wilderness outside of Savannah. She sees two figures in the distance. As the duo turns to look at her, the season ends. We don't know how this meeting played out yet.

If nothing else, we know that those mysterious figures didn't kill her. In Season Two, players will take on the role of Clem as she attempts to survive on her own.

Lee Everett
Lee Everett
Lee was the main character of the first season. He began the season in the back of a cop car after being convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. After escaping captivity, he stumbles upon Clementine. Throughout the season, he tries to protect her from danger and also teach her how to survive in the harsh post-outbreak world.

When their group is in Savannah, Lee is bitten by a walker. He manages to rescue Clementine from a crazed survivor and the walkers roaming the streets but his time is limited. When the two seek shelter in a store, Lee tells her to handcuff him to a radiator so he doesn't turn and kill her. The player can either tell Clementine to leave or to finish him off.

Unless zombies know how to pick handcuff locks, he's probably not going to appear in the second season. However, he's still going to have a presence. The launch trailer revealed that one of her few possessions is a picture of him. Her attempts to use the knowledge and advice she gained from Lee should be a major part of this season's story.

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