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The third wave of the closed beta for the Ground Forces expansion of War Thunder is ready to roll out, bringing more players in to test the tanks for this free-to-play, massive war game.

Originally launched on PC, War Thunder has since come to the PlayStation 4 in Europe while those of us in the US (not-so-) patiently wait for our chance to jump in the cockpit of a classic war bird and spray bullets into the clear blue yonder. You see, War Thunder originally only offered aerial combat, with tanks and even water warfare planned for future expansions. We’re inching closer and closer to that official tank update, it would seem, as Gaijin Entertainment has announced the launch of the third phase of its beta.

“Through the third wave, players can test all models of tanks that will be accessible in open beta,” reads a statement from Gaijin. “For more information and to purchase starter packs to enter the final phase of Ground Forces closed beta, visit [the official website].”

As for those starter packs, players can purchase them from the website in order to gain some extra vehicles, in game-currency and perks in the game proper. As Gaijin stated, buying any of the starter packs will also get you into the upcoming final round of the closed beta, giving you a chance to test drive some tanks before they get unleashed on the general public.

No date has been set for that fourth round of the beta, but Gaijin also pulled back the curtain on its upcoming spring update today, Update 1.39. Following is a list of features included in that new update.

-User generated content: Tools for creating user-generated content where players will be able to create their own planes, locations and missions, as well as their own unique camo for their birds.
-18 new planes for use in War Thunder.
-Squadrons: New features for Squadron including special events and Squadron vs. Squadron battles.
-Interface: Faster statistics and map, improved crew and control settings interface.
-Ground Forces: Yep, we’re talking about player controlled ground units here.
-Flight Model: Introducing the ability for planes to overheat and control heaviness to all aircraft.
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