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Now that Warframe is up and running on a new platform, namely the PlayStation 4, the folks over at Digital Extremes can go full steam ahead on kicking out the new content for their third-person action game. Over on the PC front, the latest expansion, Valkyr, has been unleashed.

Warframe is one of the latest in the long line of free-to-play online games, this one offering a rich and intriguing history, big levels to explore, cooperative gameplay, and did I mention there are space ninjas? Yeah, space ninjas.

In Warframe, players take on the role of one of the titular cybernetic badasses, equipped with melee weapons, guns, grenades and exoskeletons that make them super strong and agile. Players can dive into the game's story solo or team up with online friends and strangers. It's better not to go alone, as quite a few of the fights you'll run into are more than a little overwhelming.

The shooting mechanics are actually pretty dang great, but I had trouble doing a great job lining up my melee attacks when playing on the PS4. When I managed to combine all of those sweet moves in rapid succession and dispatch a bunch of dudes in a row, though, it makes for a pretty rewarding experience.

One of the PS4 launch titles, Warframe has actually been out on the PC for a while now. And while there's a good chance future updates will be day and date on the two platforms, it looks like this latest offering, Valkyr, has only been launched for the PC at this point. Like any good bit of DLC, it includes new environments, Warframes, weapons and enemies.

Most important to many players are the new Warframes, the various types of characters you can play as. The Berserker Warframe, Valkyr, joins the roster in this latest, appropriately named update, alongside Ember Prime. The Prime series must be purchased to be utilized, which is where the “make a little money” comes into this particular free-to-play game.

Two new bosses have also been introduced, including Sargas Ruk and Alad V, which you will encounter in the new area, the Corpus Gas City.

The Valkyr update also includes a few additional tweaks including an overhauled damage system, new weapons for both free and Prime options, a new resource drone who will pick up in-game goodies while you're not playing, a new codex system, eight new skins for customization options, a trading system and updates to the Clan Dojo, which lets you access a trophy room, large garden, research labs and a power room. These new upgrades are massive and offer plenty for new and returning players to dive into.

If you're new to Warframe thanks to the PS4, let us know what you're thinking of the game in the comments below. If you're an old hand on the PC version of the game, drop us a line and give us your two cents on the Valkyr update, too. For those who want to know more, check out the game's official website.

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