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The latest Warframe update is ready to roll for the PlayStation 4, bringing with it the usual assortment of new cosmetic items, a new playable Warframe, new game modes, as well as a new cooperative preparation/hunting space called the Sanctuary.

According to the reveal announcement from Digital Extremes Associate Producer Pat Kudirka, the latest Warframe update has a little something for everyone, including a place where Tenno (Read: Space ninja) can team up and explore the galaxy together.

The Sanctuary is a new cooperative space run by Cephalon Simaris, a dude who is all about Tenno working together toward a common goal. He seems more interested in exploring and understanding the galaxy than taking part in the great conflict, though.

“Track down rare targets in missions and add them to the Sanctuary’s database using the Synthesis Scanner, unlocking new lore,” reads the description. “Earn standings with Simaris and practice future Mastery tests or pit battle strategies against enemies in the Codex.”

If you’re looking for new ways to interact with your fellow players, it sounds like the Sanctuary has you covered. As for stabbing those fellow players with a sword, you can do that in a new PvP game mode called Cephalon Capture. This mode is specially made for you competitive types, as it boasts a limited selection of Warframes and weapons for you to choose from. That means you’ll experience a more balanced showdown in this special capture the flag-esque event.

If, however, you’re more interested in taking a new Warframe for a spin, you can do that, too. Chroma enters the fray with this recently launched update, putting an interesting spin on character customization. A “master of the elements,” Chroma’s powers depend on the color of the energy you use in their design. From lightning to toxins, fire to ice, Chroma’s elemental move set is up to you.

All of that will be accompanied by the usual assortment of bug fixes, new weapons, additional cosmetic touches and the like, as well as a new set of quests for you to explore called “The New Strange.”

“Hunt a curious new threat across the Solar System, guided by Cephalon Simaris and his new Sanctuary,” reads the rundown. “This quest serves as not just an introduction to Synthesis Scanning, Sanctuary’s unique target hunting Scanners, but also rewards Chroma’s blueprints upon completion.”

In other words, if you don’t want to just fork over a few bucks to unlock Chroma right now, you can unlock the Warframe after working your way through these latest missions. To me, that shows that Digital Extremes is continuing to do the free-to-play model right, giving players plenty of great things to spend their money on, but not making any of it mandatory.

To tackle these new challenges, or just check out the game for the first time, you can download Warframe now on the PlayStation 4.
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