There are three downloadable content packs on the way for Warhammer 40,000K: Space Marine. The most prominent of the three adds a co-op mode called Chaos Unleashed that lets you be a Chaos Space Marine.

In "Chaos Unleashed", you and three other players must fend off waves of Orks and Imperial Guard troops. The DLC pack adds three maps: Habs Ablaze, Station Tertius and Aquila Canyon. New Achievements and boss rounds are included, along with an enemy unit called the Imperial Sanctioned Psyker. "Chaos" will cost $10 to download and is due in December.

If you want to look pretty, you should check out the upcoming skins pack. The DLC adds new Salamanders, Alpha Legion, Legion of the Damned and Blood Angel skins. This particular bundle is priced at $3.

A batch of free DLC is on the way as well. Players will soon be able to get a Capture the Flag multiplayer mode free of charge. This is the third competitive mode for the game, the first two being Team Deathmatch and Seize Ground.

Last week Relic Entertainment released the Exterminatus DLC for Space Marine. This free batch of content introduces a four-player co-op mode in which Space Marines fight off Orks and the Forces of Chaos.

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