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Mafia 3 is due out in 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC and developers 2K Games and Hangar 13 Games have been slowly revealing new content and details for the upcoming title. There's a new video that has recently been made available to the public which was originally demonstrated at GamesCom 2015 behind closed doors.

PC Gamer picked up the 12 minute gameplay video from over on IGN, where creative director on the game, Hayden Blackman, explains how the game works and what some of the gameplay elements are like.

There's a lot of information covered in the video. We learn that rackets take place both outdoors and behind closed doors. The smaller rackets might happen in small areas where drug dealers have a den or area setup for them, as depicted in the video above there's a drug racket in the graveyard. Protagonist Lincoln Clay proceeds to pull information out of the dealer to expand his knowledge on the whereabouts of other rackets.

Later in the video we see that Mafia 3 will have hidden rackets just like in The Godfather games that Electronic Arts made years ago. Similar to The Godfather and GTA: San Andreas, players will be able to take control of various businesses and make money off the illegal rackets.

In order to control said businesses the player will have to recruit into their gang, build up their underlings and then appoint them to the business. They don't show how any of the business management aspects work, but hopefully there's enough depth to give the game some replayability.

According to Hayden Blackman, the game will feature the same simulation oriented physics and gunplay from Mafia 2, just updated for today's generation of home consoles. For the purposes of the demo, things were made to go boom and explode on impact, but Black assures the audience that the game will be a lot more methodical in actual play.

That was actually one of the biggest complaints about the original GamesCom clips that 2K Games teased back during August: gamers felt that the cars blew up way too easily. A lot of people compared it to Just Cause 3, which is known for having over-the-top explosions and chaos. Gamers expect a more grounded and realized gameplay experience from the Mafia series.

The melee combat definitely looks ironed out, and according to Blackman gamers will be able to upgrade Lincoln's abilities and skills so he becomes more proficient at certain traits. Another issue that a lot of gamers had with Mafia 2 is that they felt as if the game world wasn't very interactive, even though it looked gorgeous. Blackman confirms that the third game in the series will put more focus on interacting with the environment and feeling as if players are part of the immersive world of 1960s New Orleans in Louisiana.

I'm sure we'll find out more about Mafia 3 as it heads toward release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.