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Avalanche Studios have been inviting YouTubers to play and record footage of Just Cause 3 to give gamers an idea of what the game is like ahead of its release this December. One of those sessions included 20 minutes of chaotic mayhem and ridiculous hijinks.

YouTube outlet LetsPlay, a subsidiary under Rooster Teeth, managed to get in 20 minutes with Just Cause 3 in its vast open world and they spent a good portion of it attempting to wingsuit through tunnels. Check out the video below.

There aren't a whole lot of noteworthy things happening in the video that doesn't involve absolute tomfoolery, but it is cool to see things like the hay bales roll around after being smacked by the pickup truck. The flowers bending under the weight of the vehicle is always cool to see. And seeing the different physical reactions from the environment succumbing to the will of the player's chaotic intent is exciting in itself.

The LetsPlay crew were more focused on doing silly things than actually doing anything worthwhile, unless of course you count gliding through a tunnel a hundred times and failing as something worthwhile.

We do get to see how bridge explosions work in Just Cause 3 and how much it takes to take them down... apparently not much.

I understand that in the world of Just Cause everything is heightened to an extent that it doesn't take a whole lot for players to blast things to pieces; in the case of the bridge only a few explosives managed to bring the whole thing down.

I personally would prefer if it requires a bit of work to really topple the big structures, but I know a lot of people would prefer the instant satisfaction of blowing things up instantaneously and seeing the results right then and there.

Just Cause 3 for the most part takes everything that worked in Just Cause 2 and then expands and extends that by about 10 fold. The explosions are bigger, the physics are better, the destruction is more diverse and the world is even bigger (as if that could actually be possible).

The game will be Avalanche Studios second big AAA title release this year. They already had some success under Warner Bros., with Mad Max for the eighth-gen consoles and PC. The game was unfortunately greatly overshadowed by Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In the case of Just Cause 3 it'll only have to deal with the leftover sales from the big games of November, but December is where it could really clean up.

Given the feedback from the community so far, they really seem to enjoy watching Just Cause 3 and I'm pretty sure if they enjoy watching it they'll have just as much fun playing it. We'll see if the review scores will hold up to the early impressions of the game when it hits store shelves on December 1st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
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