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It seems like major game leaks always seem to happen the day before the officially reveal. Battlefield 1’s major leak did just that, and Watch Dogs 2’s reveal is tomorrow morning. 

But Eurogamer managed to snag a screenshot of the leak, discovered on an IGN advertisement showing the release date.


According to the picture, Watch Dogs 2 is set to launch on November 15 of this year and will be set in San Francisco. As you can see in the above advertisement, the new protagonist is standing in front of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. 

This just confirms some of the previous rumors that have been flying around about Watch Dogs 2 being set in San Francisco, so it’s almost a given that this information is accurate. 

The first Watch Dogs game was set in Chicago and featured realistic true-to-life locations from the city. It’s good to know Watch Dogs 2 will be starting over fresh in a new city, and I’m hoping they’ll use the same true-to-life locations deal they did in the first game, seeing as San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. It’ll be interesting to get more details on the game during its reveal tomorrow morning. 

While it's a good tactic to accidentally leak information the day before a reveal to create an insane amount of hype, I'm not so sure this was purposeful. Regardless, it does create a little drama around tomorrow's announcement in hopes of hearing whether or not the information is accurate. Although usually leaks like this that are presented with screenshots usually are accurate leaks, not all the time, but most of the time. If I remember correctly, the first Watch Dogs game was just okay and I remember people saying how it was a good game, but kind of a mess. I am hoping for more of a polish on the second game. 

If you want to watch the live stream of the Watch Dogs 2 reveal, you can tune in on Ubisoft teaser website. The stream will happen at 9:00 AM on June 8. 

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