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The mad maestros at GTA Series Videos have released their latest masterpiece, “Bowling Bling,” a GTA-infused take on Drake's “Hotline Bling,” dedicated to Roman Bellic's insatiable love of bowling.

If you haven't seen Drake's “Hotline Bling” at this point, we're going to leave that to you to track down on the interwebs. Everyone else, please follow me to this latest parody video of the already kind of hilarious song, this time featuring the cast of Grand Theft Auto IV and even a cameo or two from Grand Theft Auto V.

For those who haven't played Grand Theft Auto IV, some of the humor may be lost. Sure, seeing protagonist Nico Bellic dancing around and grinding on a cow works as a pretty funny sight gag, but the real humor hear is how the video incorporates the incessant phone calls from your well-intentioned, yet utterly frustrating cousin, Roman.

In order to keep good contacts with your friends and family in GTA IV, you had to go join them for the occasional side mission or leisure activity. To trigger those events, you had to answer your cell phone. And your cell phone rang...a LOT in this game. Nine times out of 10, Roman would be waiting on the other end of the line to invite you to a strip globe or, more commonly, to go bowling.

Nico can't even make it through a two-minute song without having Roman call him to go bowling a handful of times. That's understandably frustrating when all you wan to do is dance around in an empty room or sit on the stairs singing about “that bowling bling.”

The crew over at GTA Series Videos have become pros at making these clips by now, and it's nice to see them step away from GTA V to remind us of some of the quirks that dominated GTA IV.

According to the video's description, “Bowling Bling” was created from within both GTA games using single player mods and Rockstar Editor. Sonny Evans, of 8-Bit Bastard fame, did the singing, which includes clever spins on the original lyrics that relate to Roman and his love of “the great American pastime” of bowling. As for those lyrics, Gtamen is responsible and they, too, can be found in the video's info section.

Now the question remains: What's GTA Series Videos going to parody next? If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, I think we need to see them tackle Adele's “Hello” ASAP. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.