Watch Kids React To Luigi Death Stare In Mario Kart 8

Millions of gamers worldwide have been transfixed by the "Luigi Death Stare" in Mario Kart 8. Now some madman has decided to show the footage to our precious children.

For the uninitiated: the "Luigi Death Stare" refers to the facial expression of Mario's brother in Mario Kart 8. Luigi always seemed like a mellow guy but he's a stone-cold killer in MK8. He looks like he wants to do more than just run his opponents off the road.

This angry expression on his face has turned into an Internet phenomenon. Many gamers made videos and GIFs of his angry takedowns of other players.

The most famous video, which racked up over 5 million views, set the action to "Riding Dirty" by Chamillionaire. This is the clip that TheFineBros show to the adorable group of children (and one very out-of-place 14-year-old) in this video, entitled simply "Kids React To Luigi Death Stare."

The kids' reactions are, of course, priceless. Some were shocked by Luigi's aggressive behavior, considering his sterling reputation from previous game. One kid said that he'd specifically target Luigi in Mario Kart 8 and taunt him.

"You got that mad face, bro? You got that mad face, you got that mad face?" the kid asks. He's going to be taunting me in Call of Duty in five years.

Kid taunting Luigi

He's not the only kid brave enough to antagonize Luigi. Halfway through the video, a girl refers to him as "Green Mario." Oh, dear. Don't you know that's what drove Luigi mad in the first place? You'd better get out of here before he finds another blue shell.

I'm sure that Nintendo will be pleased at just how many players do recognize Luigi, though. It goes to show you the company's continued hold over younger gamers. The Wii U might not be off to a great start but at least Nintendo's still got kids locked down.

Mario Kart 8 debuted on the Wii U here in the United States in late May. The game has led to a huge spike in sales of the console. Whether or not MK8 leads a comeback for the Wii U, the game's going to be remembered fondly among Nintendo fans thanks to Luigi's stare of doom.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.