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There's never a bad time to play Mario Kart. That seems to be the gist of this next piece, as NHL fans were treated to a friendly rivalry of the mode 7 kart racing title during intermission in a match between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins.

The video above was captured by Seth Rorabaugh from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. According to Gamespot the head-to-head mach consists of the the Tampa Bay Lightning's mascot Thunderbug, and another racer that looks very similar to the Stanley cup octopus.

Both racers are taking a stroll around what looks like the SNES Mario Circuit. Some of the other racers on the track include Toad and Bowser, and they keep it rather clean by avoiding spamming specials.

The Gamespot article notes that what's on display is likely pre-recorded footage from a ROM hack of the SNES version of Super Mario Kart. Obviously it has to be hacked if it includes mascots from the NHL.

The comment section on the Gamespot article joke that Nintendo is likely revving up their lawyers. Of course, if the clip only played that one time and doesn't go viral, I'm sure they have nothing to worry about.

As many YouTubers know, Nintendo can be extremely... protective of their properties and how they're displayed for public exhibition. Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of gamers find it entertaining to see Super Mario Kart being projected onto the ice during the NHL game.

To keep from making it too disorienting for the people there, they would vertically flip the different views so that audience members on either side could see the kart racers in the correct alignment. They even managed to flip the screens so that those sections on the side of the rink could see Super Mario Kart in the proper alignment.

I'm a little perplexed as to why they didn't just display the game on the titantron?

Either way, the video seems to be making the rounds as gamers and sports fans alike are getting a taste of a hacked version of Super Mario Kart being played on the ice.

I wonder if we'll see a ROM hacked version of Mario Kart 64 during an NBA game? Or maybe we'll get to see some mascots from the NFL make an appearance in Mario Kart Wii during the half-time of a playoff game? Heck, maybe we can get to see some Mario Kart 8 projected onto the field between innings at an MLB game? The options and possibilities are limitless.

Either way, it appears as if the intermission organizers definitely had a thing for Nintendo's Mario Kart.

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