So we have some news about the new game console, Zeebo, designed for middle-class households in China, Russia and India. We also have some new findings about the FileFront shutting-down news, a host of Project E (the Gears of War clone) details, screen-caps and a CG trailer, and there’s also some rumors circulating about Brutal Legend appearing on the Wii.


A Tribute to Link and Kratos. Yes, Sony and Nintendo would be nothing without the two of them.

Section 8 Is Still Officially Unconfirmed for PS3. And that’s that folks.

Top 5 Modern Video Game Cartoons. Another tribute of sorts, this time for video game cartoons.

Star Wars The Old Republic Galactic Timeline. Star Wars fans should find this interesting.


Capcom Still Mum On PC Resident Evil. Will it or won’t it come to PC gaming rigs?

Zeebo Is A Game Console For The Middle-Class. That’s what the CEO is saying.

A Price Cut For The PS2. Sony surely did cut the price of a PlayStation console, just not the console people were hoping for.


Wii Yoga Is Coming. And now you have yet another work-out game to add to your collection.

Gears Of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack Now Available. The wait is finally over.

EA Releases DRM De-Authorization Tool. This must be good news for piracy fans everywhere.

Racing Games Are More Harmful Than Shooting Games. I bet you didn’t know that?


Blend Games Giveaway For Red Alert 3 For PS3. What are you waiting for? You’ll definitely want to get your hands on this one.

GDC Is Not A Fanboy Flame War Contest. Of course it isn’t, but you can’t convince fanboys of that.

Syberia 3 Cross Platforms Between PS3/PC. This is interesting news, if I must say so myself.


Jack & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Coming To PSP/PS2.

Project E: Gears of War MMO Clone Coming To America. If you like Gears of War and you like MMOs, this could be your dream game.

Fan Support Will Decide Future Gears of War DLC.


FileFront Is Not Dead After All

Konami Wants Saw To Rival Silent Hill. Wow, a movie-game rivaling a successful horror-franchise?

Sex In Games Is Still A Taboo. Read to find out why.

Brutal Legends Could Be Coming To Wii. So what’s the hold-up?


Nope, No Ghostbusters For PSP. You’ll have to settle for the DS version.

Xbox 360: A Tale Of Two Markets UK. Find how what the Xbox 360 is like in the UK among consumers.

Your Gaming Bucket List. 30 Games to play before you die.

Rumor About Blizzard Acuiring Redneck Rampage. Yes, we're actually rounding out the week with this.

That wraps up this week’s news ending on April 4th. It wasn’t the greatest week for news, but that’s a-okay. You can be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and information regarding all things gaming.

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