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The first collaboration between mobile company DeNA and Nintendo is called Miitomo, it's a social app based around customizing and interacting with other mobile users. Well, DeNA finally revealed some of the details of the app and what players will be able to do in the app, including the microtransactions.

Verge picked up the story from over on the Wall Street Journal, but Nintendo News did a very thorough write-up based on a collection of notable comments that DeNA president Isao Moriyasu made during the interview.

Isao Moriyasu discussed what the project and gameplay would be like in Miitomo and even hinted at a future of possible mini-games to flesh out the overall experience, saying...
Communication will be central to the game, but I think various elements could be added on — like mini-games users can play with their friends, […] As for monetizing, there are various possibilities, but at first we plan on selling clothes users can buy for their Miis.

The majority of what's been mentioned about Miitomo centers around the app allowing users to customize and outfit their Mii as a reflection of themselves. What's more is that the purpose of the app is to allow for personal expression through the Mii. One key marketing point they keep referring to with the Miitomo app is that it will allow friends to discover something new about the user.

They haven't really detailed how that's supposed to work exactly, but the Nintendo News article points out how the Mii will continue to interact with other players' Miis even when the original user isn't online. That's going to prove to be interesting.

For now we know that the cash shop for the app will center around selling clothing items, which should instantly net DeNA and Nintendo a lot of revenue given how popular some forms of microtransactions are.

One of the other things that Isao Moriyasu mentions is that the app could have some association with existing social media applications, such as Facebook. The mobile company president states that they're thinking about allowing users to import their Facebook friend list so that they can easily connect with friends through Miitomo.

The app will be one of five new projects scheduled go live throughout 2016 and 2017 between Nintendo and DeNA, not including Pokemon GO. A lot of people have been waiting for Nintendo to go mobile, and the projects they have lined up in the mobile space are most certainly not replacements or even comparable to their main portable or home console offerings.

The big question on everyone's mind is how the Nintendo NX – the Big 'N's mystery console due for unveiling in the first half of 2016 – will play a role in both Nintendo's home console model and how it will affect their mobile initiative.

For now we have no idea if DeNA and Nintendo's collaborative efforts will have any crossover connectivity or compatibility with the Nintendo NX, but we do know that Nintendo has a very interesting future laid out ahead of it, both in the console and mobile space.

Miitomo is scheduled to release on mobile devices in March of 2016.