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Though the Wii version of Punch-Out!! will have the same flavor as the original NES classic, things are going to be a bit different this time around. For example, the game's going to have head-to-head multiplayer.

New information on the game was revealed through a Nintendo press release (thanks, GoNintendo). It's not clear whether the Head-to-Head mode will be merely local or online. There's also Career and Exhibition modes which will have players facing off against 13 different boxers. The press release notes that Don Flamenco, the flamboyant Spanish boxer from the original Punch-Out!!, will return for the Wii version. Nintendo previously revealed that Glass Joe, King Hippo, and Von Kaiser would appear in the game as well.

As with boxing in Wii Sports, you'll use your Wiimote and Nunchuk to fight in Punch-Out!!. However, you can also hold the Wiimote sideways and play it like the old NES game. Just like the NES version, your objective is to earn "Star Punch Points" through regular punches and then use them to unleash special blows to take your opponent out.

Punch-Out!! will be released for the Wii on May 18th.