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Say what you will about the Big 'N' and their products but they know how to move SKUs. The Wii U has actually moved an impressive 3 million SKUs from November to the end of December, which is rather impressive. Nintendo also managed to move 11 million games for the Wii U within that time span as well.

GameIndustry.biz has a rundown of the stats, but something worth noting is that the Wii U is trailing far behind the success of the original Wii. As the Wii, within the same time span, moved a whopping 3.53 million units and 45 million games. While the Wii U isn't far off hardware wise, they're still trailing in the software department and I think a lot of it has to do with the sparse offerings that came out with the system's launch.

Still, New Super Mario Bros. U managed to move an impressive 2.01 million units out of the gate and Nintendo Land did a remarkable 2.33 million units, topping the Mario brothers by more than 329,000 SKUs.

The 3DS was no slouch, either, hitting the 12.71 million SKU target during the November to end-of-December sales period. The portable gaming device also managed to move an impressive 39.56 million games within the period.

Unfortunately, since the Wii U sells at a loss for Nintendo, the company reported an operating loss of ¥5.8 billion. They've also adjusted the sales targets for the first quarter of 2013, setting the bar a little lower for the Wii U at 4 million SKUs by March instead of 5 million. Although, if the Wii U could get a killer app or two within that span they could easily hit the 5 million mark easily.

Nintendo also lowered forecasts for the 3DS, putting it at 15 million SKUs as opposed to 17.5 million, as they had projected in earlier investor meetings. GI.biz breaks down the numbers, however, as Nintendo still expects to profit big by the end of 2013, with forecasts of ¥14 billion or $153.8m or £97.6m in profits.