Wii U Sensor Bar Is Only Required For Wii Games

The Wii U is gearing up for release next week and there are still questions circulating Nintendo's next big console. Well, rest assured that one worry you can put behind you is the sensor bar. For Wii games you'll still need a sensor bar but for Wii U games a sensor bar isn't required.

As reported by My Nintendo News, if you still have your sensor bar from your Wii gaming days you can easily plug it in and play your Wii-mote centric games on your Wii U without any problems.

Wii U games won't require the use of a Wii sensor bar so you don't have to worry about buying a new one if you already sold yours or gave it away or if you're buying a Wii U and figured you might need one, since it comes packed with an extra. For Wii-only games that require a Wii-mote, so for games like Mario Party or Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games, a sensor bar is necessary.

I tend to doubt gamers will be rushing out to restock, replenish or replace their Wii sensor bars because there wasn't too many games worth playing where the Wii-mote was absolutely necessary that won't be made available in some capacity on the Wii U. Still, if you plan on using a large majority of your Wii collection on Nintendo's new console, make sure you keep that sensor bar handy.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.