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If you can't wait a few days to see the intro cinematic in all its AAA glory when the game releases for home consoles and PC, then you can cheat yourself out of a few minutes of cinematic glory by watching the new clip right here, right now.

2K and Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the popular turn-based strategy game from the early 1990s. The game features customizable soldiers, destructible environments, multiplayer and perma-death for squadmates.

Many of the classic features return while others are replaced, improved upon or changed to suit today's gaming environment, such as itemization micromanagement has been made less cumbersome, which some gamers may find annoying while others find to be more convenient. The upside is that for PC gamers XCOM will enable them to mod the game, so it's potentially possible that we could see many of the hardcore features from the old games return in this newest title.

You can check out the intro cinematic below in case you haven't seen it already, courtesy of Wrecked Pixel.

Yeah, that's just the same intro from the demo, which has been available for a while. I guess if you've been completely out of the loop then it's new to uh, yeah, congrats on the newness of that video to you.

For those of you who can't wait for the game to drop, you can look for it to launch on consoles and PC October 9th. I almost can't wait, but mostly for the mod scene because there's a few things I'll be keeping my eye on to see whether or not the scene addresses the potential of the game or if we'll just see re-skin/mapping jobs.

Anyway, you can learn more about XCOM: Enemy Unknown by visiting the Official Website.

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