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Will Xbox 360/PS3 Ever Beat The Wii? Certainly Not Anytime Soon

Time and time over again it seems like the only thing we keep on reporting, when it comes to the console race, is that the Wii is whooping butt, royally. According to Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter, there’s a preview for the NPD results of April and unless you live under your Grandma’s dress, it’s been a one-sided war for the Wii.

The total installed base of the Xbox 360 may be well ahead of that of its next-gen competitors, given its year-long head start. But if you looked over any recent figures, it would seem like the 3-6-0 may have only had a couple of months as a lead over Nintendo’s fast selling Wii.

According to the preview of financial quotas for April, the Wii has shifted an astounding 300,000 units, while the PS2 came in second [for console sales] with 250,000 units sold, with the Xbox 360 landing in the 175,000 margin and the PS3 rounding things out with a squarely disappointing 100,000 unit shift.

Now before you fanboys start rattling off about the PS3's “disappointment”, let me adamantly state that the Xbox 360 certainly didn’t burst any pipes with its steam. In fact, the Xbox 360 has seen somewhat of a drop, going down from 199k units shifted in March, to the 175k mark (presumably) for April. If these numbers are anywhere near as accurate as the actual readings for April (due out between May 17th and May 20th) then Microsoft’s unchaining of the Elite might not have come at a better time. Yet the one thing that makes it look so embarrassing for Microsoft at this time, is that the Xbox 360 and its 100+ “next-gen” games is getting outsold by a console that’s full of motion-sensored mini-games, which look about as good as shabby beta games on the N64.

Moving on though...if the numbers are correct, the PlayStation 3, however, will have solidly lost 30,000 units off its sales for April, as opposed to the March numbers, where the PS3 shifted 130,000 units. Of course, this slump is expected for this time of the year given the sore spot of new software availability. But then again, that should mean that the Wii should have seen a dieting in its sales records, just like the other two next-gen systems. However, that is not the case.

The Big ‘N’s feisty little casual-console is only picking up more steam. Instead of evening out with a neck-to-neck race with the Xbox 360, the Wii has eventfully – for every month since its release – kicked the Xbox 360 and PS3 down a storm-drain, like your mother dumping your stash of pot down a toilet. Pretty soon the Wii will be in a completely different league than the so-called, heavy-hitting “next-gen” consoles.

Of course, though, this is all based on the preview numbers for April. But I’m almost quite positive that the Wii will surpass Mr. Pachter’s estimates for this month, just as it has surpassed the expectations of everyone else in the industry.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.