If you're a mixed martial arts fight-fan, then you're probably geeked about this weekend's megafight between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit at UFC 154. Well, the kind folks at Xbox are offering Live subscribers a 30% discount for those who want to watch the fight live.

The UFC app for Xbox Live offers users up-to-the-minute access to all things Ultimate Fighting Championship and gets Xbox 360 console owners closer to the action than ever.

If you're curious about the UFC but you've always kept your distance because you were afraid it might entice you and then you might get drawn into the secret world of Fight Club, rest assured that you'll be perfectly safe from all the bloody action using the XBL app.

Well I've managed to hit all the advertorial check points, except for saying that you don't have much time to get in on the 30% off discount so you'll probably want to rustle your Jimmies to the app if you want get in on the deal.

UFC 154 is set to air live this weekend, Saturday, November 17th, at 7pm PST. Need more information? I have no idea where you'd get it if you weren't getting it from Xbox.com.

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