For those of you who picked up a Wii U to serve as a multimedia hub rather than just a dedicated gaming device, you’ll be happy to know that one more toy has been added to the chest as the Wii U YouTube (Wii U Tube?) app is now live.

Let’s face it: Sometimes we all need to take a break from gaming. But that doesn’t mean we necessarily have to turn off our gaming consoles, does it? I say nay. If your eyes are too strained from staring at Mario and Co. for hours on end, or perhaps you pulled a thumb muscle in a marathon gaming session, you can now take a breather with the free YouTube app, now available on the Wii U.

If you’ve got yourself an HD TV, you can watch all of your favorite YouTube videos in full 1080p, assuming said videos are in HD themselves. Even cooler is the Wii U GamePad integration, which allows you to quickly input text and search through YouTube’s offerings right there on the small screen. While your video is playing, all of the extra details and control options remain available on the GamePad screen, allowing you to enjoy your videos in fullscreen on the TV.

We may still be waiting on TVii to finally launch sometime next month but, until then, at least we can accidentally lose all track of time by starting a YouTube search for “cute kittens” and, by some crazy stream of following “related videos,” discover ourselves watching clips about “kung fu gone horribly wrong” three hours later.

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