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Have you ever been in the middle of playing your favorite portable game and thought to yourself, “Self, I sure would rather be watching a video of a squirrel trapped on a spinning bird feeder right about now.” Well, thanks to yesterday’s PlayStation Network update, all the joys of YouTube are finally available on your shiny new Vita.

While the Vita already has a web browser, a lack of support for some media files meant that, until now, it was dang-near impossible to actually use YouTube on Sony’s new portable device. Users complained and, wouldn’t you know it, Sony listened.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, the Vita YouTube app is a free download that gives you access to just about every feature provided by the video streaming website itself.

YouTube for the Vita will recommend additional videos, allow you to search its library of more than 10 kabillion entries, check out your viewing history and add videos to favorites.

After tooling around with the app, I’ve only noticed the absence of two features that would be great to see in a future update. For starters, you can comment on videos, but you can’t comment on other people’s comments. Secondly, and way more important, is that there is no way to record a video with the Vita and upload it directly to YouTube.

Being an HD device, you can watch all videos (that allow it) in up to 720p. Videos can also be watched in either full screen or small screen mode. Full screen is exactly like it sounds while small screen gives you access to like/dislike buttons, the ability to add it to favorites and see suggested videos, comments or the video information.

It’s a pretty slick app, it runs smoothly and does a good job of rounding out the Vita’s non-game offerings.

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