Runners have thrown players into a veritable smorgasbord of situations, including racing across rooftops, outrunning the law, fleeing from ancient temple guardians and, now, even outrunning the zombie appocalypse in a new game called ZRun for the PlayStation Vita.

Coming from Beatshapers Ltd., ZRun is basically what you would get if a game like Temple Run took place following a zombie outbreak. Players will have to run and jump their way through a shattered society, all while beating the crap out of the undead while trying to survive. Being the company that brought Jetpack Joyride into this world, it's a fair assumption that they know how to make something as simple as running and killing zombies rather addictive.

“We are excited to push PlayStation Vita hardware up to the limits to render big environments and more than 50 animated zombies on the scene,” said Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov. “And we can't wait to reveal our efforts on adapting such a genre appealing to core and hardcore gamers.”

No release date has been announced, but Beatshapers have pulled back the curtain on the game with the above work-in-progress trailer. Controls will be done using the Vita's touchscreen, physical buttons, motion sensors or a mixture of the three.

While barelling down the streets, players will need to avoid obstacles, evade zombies, keep an eye on their stamina and pick up useful weapons along the way. Multiple characters will be available to choose from with new areas of the city unlocking with the completion of each level. There's also an upgrade system, as well as the ability to turn ZRun into an endless runner with the survival mode.

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