If you're into shambling masses of the undead and discounts, then this week's PlayStation Plus update is just for you. Headlining this week's offering as a free game for both PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita is Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge, alongside a bunch of sales covering series from Bioshock and Metal Gear to Gof of War and Devil May Cry.

First up, the free goods. Continuing Sony's Spring Fever promotion focused on indie games, this week's gratis offering is Frima's Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge. A mixture of strategy and MOBA, Tycoon is the follow-up to a years-old PlayStation Mini that manages to build on the original game's foundation in new and interesting ways.

Players control their lead character, who parades around the map in a heavily-equipped mobile spawn vehicle, two hordes of zombies that can be specialized depending on which types of facilities you take over (Dojo, Construction site, Nursery) and a new class of super-powered Monster characters, each with their own abilities. The object of the game is to wipe out the final remnants of humanity, all while tackling levels that are built like clever living puzzles.

For the asking price of $0, it's certainly worth a try.

Earlier this month, Sony revealed the types of sales it would be offering through the Spring Fever campaign. This week's sale, it turns out, boasted a pretty deceptive title. While the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Heritage Sale certainly boasts a hefty discount on the promotion's namesake (PS3 version for $19.59, PSV version for $17.49), the sale also includes multiple series that feature characters within the game.

Series include Bioshock, Metal Gear, Sly Cooper, LittleBigPlanet, Devil May Cry, God of War, inFamous, Twisted Metal and Ratchet and Clank. Dozens of titles within these series are on sale for all shoppers on the PlayStation Network starting today, with bonus discounts provided for all PlayStation Plus members.

There are way too many games to list here so, if you're interested in seeing what's up for sale (Hint: If it's a game from any of the above series, it's almost certainly discounted), then head on over to the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, get those credit cards ready for the regular PSN update, scheduled for later this afternoon.

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