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Payday 2 On Nintendo Switch Will Not Be The Current Version Of The Game

The cooperative heist game, Payday 2, is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch next Tuesday, Feb. 27. Up until now, though, there has been some confusion as to how up-to-date that version of the game will be. According to a recent update from the developers at Starbreeze, the answer is, "about a year old."

You Can Play As Half-Life's Gordon Freeman In Final Fantasy XV On PC

That is probably the last headline you ever thought you would read when it comes to Half-Life and the series' hero, Gordon Freeman. In fact, most people assumed that the next time we would hear about the silent scientist would be something Half-Life 3 related. Well, it turns out his next big commercial outing will be in Final Fantasy XV.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Here

Fortnite: Battle Royale has officially kicked off its third season, meaning players can expect to unlock a whole bunch of fresh in-game loot by playing oodles of matches over the next couple of months. As for this season's theme, Epic is taking players to outer space.

Rainbow Six Siege Is Making 20 Different Operators Free

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege continues to truck along with a strong audience and a core community that doesn't seem to be letting go of the first-person tactical shooter anytime soon. In celebration of the next major update, Ubisoft decided to make 20 of the game's Operators... free.

A Classic World Of Warcraft Raid Is Back, But Not For Long

For a limited time only you can take part in a classic World of Warcraft raid. Yes, Blizzard is reaching deep into its pool of classic raids from bygone eras of its most popular MMO, and resurrecting them for gamers who may have missed out back when the raids were all the rage.

How To Get Into Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event For Free

One of the many factors that keeps Overwatch players coming back for more are the regularly occurring in-game events. Players are actually celebrating the Lunar New Year within Overwatch right now, so it seems like as good a time as any to remind folks who haven't jumped on the bandwagon quite yet how they can get in on the action free of charge.

How Code Vein Will Be Like Dark Souls

Bandai Namco's upcoming Code Vein has been in the news lately due to its fast-approaching release date for home consoles and PC. While the game isn't being made by From Software and its a very different kind of experience compared to the Dark Souls franchise, there will be some similarities, according to new reports.

Someone Made Overwatch Into A Classic Fighting Game, And It's Awesome

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch is still a hugely influential and popular property in the world of gaming, and the game has even inspired someone to make a mockup prototype of Overwatch as a fighting game and it's pretty awesome if I must say so myself.

Fe Review

Fe was a unique looking game when it first appeared a couple years ago, but now the game is here and it's time to see if there's anything underneath the lovely coat of paint.

Publisher Pulled From Steam For Planting Positive Reviews

Steam had to drop the ban hammer this past week, severing ties with a publisher deemed to be padding user review scores of their own titles. So if you were looking to pick up Guardians of Ember or Wild Buster sometime soon, you'll have to seek out another marketplace.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

The Dynasty Warriors series has been going on for a long time, and it's been surviving largely unchanged. However, the ninth iteration of the series adds an open world, but is that the shot in the arm the franchise needs?

Fear Effect Sedna Is Coming In March

The Fear Effect series is set to continue, complete with a graphical overall and a new gameplay perspective that should make sneaking through environments more manageable. And based on the latest trailer, fans will be able to get with the sneaking very soon.

Sea Of Thieves Reveals PC Specs

The release date for Rare's Sea of Thieves is finally starting to wind down and come into view. Both Xbox One and PC gamers are likely very excited about the open-world, seafaring adventure game, but PC gamers in particular will need to make sure that their PC meets the minimum requirements before they dive in.

Hawaii Targets Loot Boxes With Several Proposed Laws

The lootbox controversy reached new heights recently, with lawmakers in Hawaii putting together a collection of bills that could make it difficult for publishers to continue using what they're calling light gambling mechanics in games.

How Star Citizen Is Trying To Improve Transparency

The one game that just can't seem to escape controversy during its development is Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen. The latest exploits center around transparency, consumer purchasing, and communication with consumers.

The Original Dead Space Is Currently Available For Free

If you've never experienced the thrills of "strategic dismemberment," or perhaps you want to relive the glory days of exploring a terrifying mining ship in the middle of space, you're in luck. The folks over at Origin have decided to pass out free copies of Dead Space, a game any fan of horror owes it to themselves to try.

Monster Hunter World Just Broke A Serious Record

Capcom's Monster Hunter World is selling like crazy. How crazy? Well, the game managed to break a serious record for the company just weeks after making its way onto the marketplace both as a physical release at retail and as a digital release for the Xbox One and PS4.

Fortnite Responds To Battle Royale Server Issues

Epic Games' _Fortnite _has been having trouble with the servers, and the developers have been attempting to get a handle on it as the company deals with the influx of more and more players hopping in to play the Battle Royale survival game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Monster Hunter: World Review -- King Of The Jungle

While this latest outing for the series still boasts the skeleton and DNA of its forbearers, I can think of no better way to illustrate the feeling I got when first settling into this sixth core Monster Hunter game that, while very familiar, still offers fresh discoveries around every corner.

How The Latest PUBG Update On Xbox One Changes Vehicles

PUBG Corporation shifted focus from PC to Xbox One after launching PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Microsoft's home console. The game has been a huge seller so far on the big black box, but it's also had some serious issues as far as certain features are concerned. Well, the latest update attempts to resolve some issues surrounding the way vehicles handle in the game.

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