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Monster Hunter World Gets Moogles And More In Final Fantasy Themed Behemoth Update

Capcom decided to take the cross-branded promotional efforts a step further by teaming up with a fellow Japanese publisher, Square Enix. The two Japanese publishing giants have revealed the joint effort of featuring Moogles and other iconic gear from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Former Visceral Director Reveals What Dead Space 4 Could Have Been

According to the former creative director at Visceral Games, there was already an outline about what the now defunct game studio was thinking about doing with the third-person survival-horror game if ever an opportunity was presented to take the next step and bridge the events of Dead Space 3 into a potential Dead Space 4.

5 Game Franchises We Still Can't Believe Added Multiplayer

Today, it seems that every game franchise under the sun needs to create a specific time of multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale mode. However, there was a time when simply having multiplayer of some kind was viewed as a necessity.

Fortnite: Everything In The Season 5 Battle Pass

Fortnite's fifth season kicked off this morning, bringing a metric ton of changes and additions to the leading battle royale game. This includes 100 fresh tiers of content to work through in the game's Battle Pass.

Emperor Palpatine Has Been Pulled From Star Wars Battlefront 2

When Emperor Palpatine told Luke Skywalker, "you don't know the power of the dark side," it turns out even the leader of the Empire was not fully aware of those limits.

Why Bethesda Keeps Making New Versions Of Skyrim

One of the running jokes in the games industry is that Bethesda's uuber-hit RPG, Skyrim, is playable on just about every electronic device known to man. Following the recent launch of a tongue-in-cheek version of Skyrim for Alexa, those claims are gaining even more weight. But, according to Director Todd Howard, there's a very good reason the game keeps getting ported to new platforms.

When Fortnite Season 5 Will Begin

Epic Games is celebrating the growth of Fortnite with the announcement that there is a Season 5 inbound. The fifth season is actually scheduled to get underway so much sooner than you were expecting that you'll probably fall out of your chair with excitement when you find out just how soon it will begin.

How Video Games Are About To Become More Mature

There are some game companies who are interested in how gamers interact with the worlds and characters beyond just shooting things, and soon we'll see how some of the upcoming titles will be designed to be more mature and adult-oriented in the content depicted within the gameplay

The Top-Selling Games of 2018, So Far

The NPD Group has compiled a list of the top 10 best-selling games of the past six months, including offerings from just about every genre.

Guild Wars 2 Developer Just Fired A Pair Of Writers

A pair of writers has been fired from ArenaNet, developers of Guild Wars 2, following a dispute that kicked off on Twitter.

Sea Of Thieves Will See Three More Content Updates This Year

The development studio decided to go out of its way to add more content to Sea of Thieves and update it as frequently as possible, this includes rolling out a consistent number of patches and DLC expansion packs throughout the year for both Windows 10 and Xbox One owners.

France Says Loot Boxes Aren't Gambling

As France is concerned, the gambling authority in the region has stated that loot boxes in premium-priced games are not gambling.

We Happy Few Will Be Released In Australia After All

Compulsion Games was jubilant to share some fantastic news with gamers about the upcoming first-person, satirical horror game, We Happy Few. After the game was initially refused a rating classification in Australia, the ratings board has now reversed its decision on appeal.

Shenmue 1 And 2 Re-Releases Coming In August

While Shenmue 3 isn't expected to launch until sometime in 2019, folks looking to explore a lovingly-crafted Japanese community, brawl with baddies and drive a forklift won't actually have to wait all that much longer to dive into the game's world.

Twitch Is Celebrating Prime Day With A Massive Game Giveaway

The livestreaming company announced that it's giving away lots of free games for Twitch Prime subscribers, and it's all part of the Prime Day celebration that's currently underway and will run through part of July.

Rockstar Just Killed Those GTA VI Rumors

Some communities have already been pushing out rumors about GTA VI even though Rockstar hasn't announced anything yet.

Listen To Assassin's Creed: Odyssey's Epic Main Theme Right Now

The latest entry in the long-running _Assassin's Creed _franchise dips into an almost primal energy with the theme song that was composed by the group The Flight, and you can listen to it right now.

Valve Is Working To Replace Steam Spy

If a lack of Steam Spy has been making it harder for you to win arguments in forums in regards to how well a game is doing, Valve has some good news for you. While the third party data-gathering service is no longer available, Valve recently confirmed that they are working on an alternative internally, and they're saying it's going to be even more accurate than its predecessor. Of course, the real winners here are the developers, who will have more reliable statistics to base their decisions off of.

One Airport Added A Gaming Lounge To Make Layovers Less Awful

One airport has actually decided to do something about all that torturous waiting by making layovers less awful, all thanks to having a fully functional gaming lounge. Yes, you'll be able to play some of your favorite games while waiting for your flight to arrive.

Somebody Just Set The Fortnite Record For Solo Kills

Ultimate betrayer or brilliant strategist? That's the question on the minds of many Fortnite players as the in-game record for most kills in a single round was broken over the weekend. But while Elemental_Ray's tactics may be best described as "morally bankrupt" and "ice cold," there's no questioning the fact that, courtesy of a single act of treachery, he now holds the kill count crown.

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