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The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Is A Free Prequel To Life Is Strange 2

Those of you who felt as if Life Is Strange: Before The Storm wasn't enough, there's now The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit that will be made available later this month starting June 26th for home consoles and PC.

E3 2018: How Battlefield V Improves On The Franchise

If you've ever wanted your online battles to feel a little more meaningful in Battlefield, it looks like the new mode, Grand Operations, might just do the trick.

Valve Takes Controversial Games Off Steam

Valve has decided to finally take action and remove some of the games from the platform that fall under the "trolling" category in order to win back some PR brownie points.

The First Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Looks Like Everything You've Been Waiting For

We finally got to see what the game might be like with a brand new trailer showcasing some cinematic content of Cyberpunk 2077, and its comeback at E3 this year was both huge and awesome, and you can watch the trailer right now.

Valve Has Decided To Open The Floodgates Of The Steam Store

Valve's Steam platform has been under fire for years now in regards to the quality and content of the games that make it onto its digital storefront. Now, Steam has an official policy on the subject.

The First Far Cry 5 DLC Takes The Game To Vietnam

Far Cry 5's first DLC is nearly ready to launch, and it looks like we'll be leaving behind the not-so-peaceful community of Hope County and dropping straight into the thick of combat in Vietnam.

One Country Will No Longer Be Represented In Pro Evolution Soccer

Despite being a popular sports game, Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer has had trouble holding on to its licenses in recent months. The most recent departure from the game's roster effectively discludes an entire country from the series' upcoming iteration.

Evolve's Servers Are Shutting Down

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios originally tried to revive Evolve _two years ago with a free-to-play version. It started off pretty big, giving both companies a lot to look forward to, but some core issues just couldn't keep the game in the spotlight. So now the servers for _Evolve are being shut down.

Watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Stars Get A Look At The Station In Star Trek Online

Perfect World's Star Trek Online is still going strong, and as a way to help promote the latest expansion for the game, the publisher brought on the cast and crew from the original Deep Space Nine television show to get a glimpse at what the DS9 station looks like in the MMO.

What Star Citizen's Developer Thinks About That $27,000 Bundle

It was announced last week that a new DLC bundle was being offered within the game-in-progress, Star Citizen. What sets this bundle apart from the pack is that it costs more than $27,000 to claim, something developer Cloud Imperium Games has gone on to defend.

Vampyr's Trailer Is Creepy And Awesome

In preparation for the launch this upcoming Tuesday, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment released the official launch trailer for Vampyr, the new IP from the makers of Life Is Strange that takes players to a post-World War I London, where a veteran attempts to reintegrate into society. But as depicted by the creepy and awesome new trailer, things don't go over so well for the Doc.

The New Star Citizen Add-On Pack Costs Over $27,000

If you've got an insane amount of cash burning a hole in your pocket, the folks over at Cloud Imperium Games are offering some of the most expensive DLC in video game history. The latest ship pack for Star Citizen will set you back nearly $30,000.

Fallout 76 Teases Rebuilding After The Apocalypse

Bethesda's big Fallout tease came to a close yesterday with the reveal of a new game. While details are still scarce, a new trailer has at least confirmed that it will be called Fallout 76.

How Destiny 2 Is Changing Exotic Armor

Bungie has a constant slew of new updates and information coming out for Destiny 2. The latest info that the developer has been rolling around in the community pen centers around Exotic armor and how the developers have plans on changing they operate in the game and updating some of the existing Exotics.

PUBG's Second Map Is Now On Xbox One

It's a long weekend here in the US, which means folks have some extra time to curl up with video games. It's perfect timing, then, that the new desert map, Miramar, has officially arrived for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One.

Watch The First Trailer For Sea Of Thieves Expansion The Hungering Deep

Rare and Microsoft still have big plans for Sea of Thieves. In fact, the developers just let loose a brand new trailer for the game, covering the upcoming expansion pack known as the Hungering Deep. It talks about some of the new locations, new enemies, and new content you can expect from the upcoming Sea of Thieves DLC.

Fatal Call Of Duty Swatting Defendants Now Face Federal Charges

All of the individuals involved with the Call of Duty swatting tragedy last year that resulted in the death of an innocent man are facing federal charges. This includes the man who made the prank swatting call, and the two individuals that involved in the kerfuffle that led him to making the call.

Battlefield V Will Still Offer In-Game Currency And Microtransactions

During the reveal of Battlefield V during the media event hosted by Trevor Noah, it was made clear that Battlefield V was not going to have randomized loot boxes, a monetary system that's widely derided by gamers. However, the game will still have in-game currency and microtransactions.

Fortnite Added A New Item By Accident

The latest patch dropped in Fortnite this week, introducing jetpacks to the Battle Royale experience. Then players discovered a mystery item that wasn't included in the patch notes; a "Storm Tracker" that let them get a bit of an edge over the competition.

How DICE Is Responding To The Battlefield V Controversy

EA and DICE held their big Battlefield V reveal event in London yesterday, showing off plenty of concept art and a cinematic trailer for their World War II shooter. Included in the reveal were female soldiers, which has caused something of an uproar from the community. For DICE's part, they don't seem to be sweating the haters.

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